Our School Motto:

As a Catholic school, our mission is to show love through our respect for others.

We value our God-given gifts, talents and abilities. Our aim is to bring out the best in everyone, within a safe and happy environment.

Everyone should know that we are followers of God by what we do, not just by what we say.

At The Barlow, we have created a well-ordered, respectful, caring environment where Christ is at the heart of our community. We aim to help our students succeed and gain in confidence so that they contribute to society as skilful, happy and respectful young people. Our vision is to create a school community based on Catholic principles where everyone works together to provide a happy, supportive and productive learning environment. We refer to the following values:


The Barlow is a happy, secure place in which to learn and grow in faith. We incorporate service projects into the curriculum; teaching students the value of helping others as an expression of faith and good citizenship. We are proud of our excellent pastoral care, strong relationships and the caring nature of our students who actively support and serve each other. Our students are encouraged to put their faith into action through charity and community work. They are aware of the importance of helping others and this is reflected through their enthusiastic fundraising and involvement in voluntary projects.


Our students are actively encouraged to take part in a full programme of collective worship including special Masses, prayer groups and liturgies. Weekly assemblies are instrumental in helping to develop the aims, attitudes and values of our school. Our Chaplaincy is a central part of school life and contributes to the development of the school as a Christian community by offering spiritual guidance to students and staff. Through the Chaplaincy, we provide help, support, encouragement and care to help ensure that The Barlow is a happy, spiritual place in which to learn and grow in faith.


At The Barlow, our aim is to develop the whole child; academically, morally, socially, spiritually and physically. We foster a positive attitude to learning and offer our students a wide range of opportunities to discover and develop their God-given talents. Our dedicated staff are totally committed to working to ensure that each child is happy, safe and secure, enjoys their education and achieves their full potential. Each child is challenged to achieve, and where possible to surpass their academic targets. We encourage our students to trust in their abilities and to strive to be the very best they can be.


At The Barlow, we have created an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation; providing the foundation for a happy and successful school life.  Our friendly and focused learning atmosphere is often remarked upon by visitors. Our students maintain a high level of respect for everyone around them including staff, other students, themselves and God. We see our students flourish and move on as confident, respectful young people, certain that we have worked with them to develop the virtues and values of the Catholic Church.