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Transition Zone – FAQs

Everything you need to know about transitioning to The Barlow…

Will I have a chance to visit The Barlow before we start school in September?

We run a transition day in July to enable you to familiarise yourself with the school site and meet the staff.  Use the 360 degree tour and pupil tour and meet the Curriculum Leaders.

What will happen if we cannot visit The Barlow before September?

In September you will receive lots of support to ensure you settle into school.  If your or your parents would like to come into school for a tour, prior to arriving with us, then please just contact school.

Is moving from primary to secondary school going to be hard?

Moving from primary school to secondary school can be an extremely nervous and challenging time. It is also a wonderful opportunity to have a fresh start and make lots of new friends, whilst learning new subjects. We have spoken to your Year 6 teachers to get as much information about you to help your transition to secondary school.  We will be here to support you every step of the way.

What should I do if I have any questions or concerns about starting school at The Barlow?

Use our school website which has lots of information for you. Contact school with any questions you have, we are here to help.

What time does school start?

The school gates open at 8:15am and family time begins at 8.30am, you must be in school by this time otherwise you will be marked as late.

How will I get to school?

This will be something that needs to be discussed and planned at home. You are encouraged to walk/cycle to school, as long as this is safe to do so. If you plan to get a bus to school, please ensure you know the timetable of the bus. Information regarding bus passes can be found on our transport page.

What subjects will I be doing at The Barlow?

You have core subjects which you will do throughout your time with us. These include: English, Maths, Science, Religion and PE. In Year 7, you will also do subjects like Art, Computer Science, Design Technology, Drama, Spanish, Geography, History and Music.

Will I be in a family group or class with my friends from primary school?

If possible, we will try and put you in a family group or class with at least one friend from primary school. If you are the only pupil from your school, this is a great opportunity to make lots of new friends.​

Can I bring my own lunch to school?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a packed lunch to school.  As a healthy school, we do have a number of items that we ask are not brought into school.  Please look on the school meals page for more information on this.  If you don’t want to bring a packed lunch to school, we offer a large range of snacks and main meals are cooked fresh every day.

What should you do if you have any issues at school?

Speak to someone: Your Family Tutor, Head of Year, Key Stage Leader and your teachers. We are all here to help you.

What can you do to help make friends at secondary school?

Join a school club, invite someone to sit with you at lunch and travel to school with someone.

Will I be rewarded for my behaviour and attitude?

At The Barlow, we are keen to reward positive behaviour and encourage all pupils to become responsible young adults.  Your good behaviour will be rewarded in a number of ways, including: Barlow Stars, Outstanding learners, SPAR Points and annual rewards trips to places like Alton Towers and Cineworld.  You will have the opportunity to win subject badges for excellent work in lessons and the chance to win a place on our termly Rewards Breakfasts.

Are there any extra-curricular clubs at The Barlow?

We run a wide range of extra-curricular clubs at The Barlow and encourage all pupils to join our clubs. These are an opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and be involved in the wider community of school. Clubs range from Chess and Drama to Netball and Football and many, many more.