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The Barlow RC High School

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(Our communications are sent out via email, please ensure you have given us an up to date email address for contact in a sustainable manner. Paper copies will be provided in instances where parents and carers can not provide an email).

July 2024

Uniform Requirements 2024/2025

Attendance guidance

Parent Voice Letter

Residential Trips 2024 - 2025

Barlow World Culture Day Letter

Sports Day 2024

Non-Uniform Day Letter

GCSE Results Day Letter

June 2024

Pastoral Update Letter - Y7 and Y9

Year 8 Citizenship Letter

Safeguarding Online Safety Letter

Ofsted - Letter to parents/carers

School inspections - A guide for parents

Parent Communication Letter

Y10 Mocks May- June 24

May 2024

Transition Letter

Y9 Vaccinations - 10 Jun 24

April 2024

Revision Timetable

Year 9 - End of Year Examinations

Year 8 - End of Year Examinations

Year 7 - End of Year Examinations

Year 11 - GCSE Exam Guidance Letter

Year 11 - GCSE Candidates Coursework

Year 11 - GCSE Candidates NEA

Year 11 - GCSE Candidates Privacy Notice

Year 11 - GCSE Candidates Social Media

Year 11 - GCSE Candidates Written Exams

Year 11 - Preparing to sit your exams

Year 10 - Mock Exam Guidance Letter

Year 10 - Information for Candidates Coursework Guidance

Year 10 - Information for Candidates NEA

Year 10 - Information for Candidates Privacy Notice

Year 10 - Preparing to sit your exams

Year 10 - Information for Candidates Social Media

Year 10 - Information for Candidates Written Exams

Year 11 - Revision letter

Big Push HT5 (2023/2024)



March 2024

GCSE Timetable Summer 2024

Diversity Day

GCSE PE Practical Letter

Year9 Options Evening Letter

HT4 Curriculum

Big Push HT4

Year 11 Leavers Hoodies

February 2024

Year 7 Citizenship Letter

December 2023

 End of Term Letter Dec 20232024-25 Academic Year Feedback

HPV letter to parents 2023

November 2023

GCSE Certificate Collection Letter 2023

IFC Non Examination Assessment

IFC Written Examination

October 2023

GCSE Revision Checklist

Year 11 Mock Examinations

GMP – Preventing Anti-Social Behaviour

Red Card Against Racism Day

Year 11 – Revision Information Evening Presentation

Year 11 – Information Evening Letter

September 2023

Social Tariffs – Low Cost Broadband and Phone Service Packages

Help for Households

Internet Use, Digital Inclusion & Computer Usage in Libraries

Free SIMS/Internet Data

Financial Difficulty & Support

Local Help and Local Support

Cost of Living Advice Line

Cost of Living Crisis

Tassomai Letter

Sourcing Work Experience

The ‘Big Push’

Year 7 & Year 8 Homework

Year 9 Homework

Year 10 & Year 11 Homework

2023/2024 School Academic Year Calendar

July 2023

GCSE Results Day Letter

Transport Information for The Barlow RC 

Manchester Transport Operators Contact

Little Angels Uniform Shop

MCS Stores Uniform Shop

Attendance Guidance

Year 10 Review Day Letter

Standards and Expectations Letter

June 2023

Strike Action

Data Pack Transition Letter

Early Finish

Attendance Letter

May 2023

Spring Half Term Holiday Activities

April 2023

Experience Away From Home Parent Letter

Experience Away from Home Brochure

March 2023

Leavers Celebration 2023

Strike Action

MCS Schoolwear Price List

Easter Revision Timetable

GCSE Exam Timetable

Year 9 Options Evening Presentation

MCRactive Easter Camps 

Keeping Your Home Free From Damp & Mould

Head Teachers Letter

Year 9 Options Evening 

Parent Correspondence  – Year 11 Core Subject Parents’ Evening

Strike Action

Staffing Update

February 2023

Uniform Half Term Sale

Strike Action

Year 9 Parent’s Evening

Parent Correspondence – Year 11 Mock Exam Information

January 2023

Strike Action




As a school it is important that we share with all stakeholders the latest news from our school community.  There is a lot of good news to celebrate at The Barlow. 
Our half-termly newsletter is emailed to all parents and carers.  This allows us to share successes in a more economical and sustainable manner.  
If you would like to receive our half-termly newsletter, then please provide us with an email address.  You can do this by contacting the school at admin@thebarlowrchigh.co.uk

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