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The Barlow RC High School

Physical Education

Curriculum Area: Physical Education
Curriculum Leaders: Mrs Holland, Miss L Quartey-Papafio
Deputy Curriculum Leader: Mr Greenlees
Additional Staff: Mrs Bowyer, Mr Roberts

PE Learning Journey

Inspirational Quote

“The only one that can tell you ‘You can’t win’ is yourself and you don’t have to listen”
Jessica Ennis-Hill

Curriculum Intent

The rationale of the current PE curriculum at The Barlow Roman Catholic High School is:

  • Develop competence in a broad range of physical activities by encouraging them to be
    -Highly skilful
    -Effective thinkers
    -Empowered characters
  • To inspire pupils to live a healthy active and confident lifestyle
  • To encourage positivity and respect for oneself and that of others
  • To develop teamwork, leadership and resilience
  • To encourage pupils to engage in competitive sports and activities

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Our intent is to provide all pupils with the opportunity to learn and enhance specific skills through an inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum. We offer diverse opportunities for all pupils to develop physical competence which promote and encourage competition, instil teamwork and develop character. We aim to create a culture which inspires physical and mental well-being through a healthy active lifestyle. Our vision is for our pupils to remain positively engaged in physical activity throughout their life. We aim to achieve this through developing the understanding, experience and confidence of all pupils.

At Key Stage 3, we follow a theme-based approach which focuses on 3 strands. These strands work to develop pupils into highly skilful performers, effective thinkers and empowered characters. This is delivered through a wide range of sports activities; netball, football, rugby, cricket, gymnastics, table tennis, badminton, rounders, dance, team building, athletics.

In Year 7, the focus is on developing highly skilled individuals with effective thinking and empowering character traits. This involves skill development, understanding fitness and exercise importance, identifying tactics and strategies, evaluating skills, fostering creativity, teamwork understanding, confidence development, and introducing leadership roles.

In Year 8, the emphasis shifts towards further developing skills, enhancing effective thinking, and fostering empowering character traits. This involves adapting and applying skills, improving fitness levels, developing tactics and strategies, creating and planning, understanding rules, evaluating performance, enhancing communication within teamwork, identifying resilience, and cultivating leadership skills.

In Year 9, the focus is on advancing skills, refining critical thinking, and enhancing empowering character traits. This includes selecting and transferring skills, demonstrating fitness proficiency, applying tactics and strategies in competitive scenarios, making sound decisions, understanding and adhering to rules, analysing performance for enhancement, identifying team roles, showcasing resilience, and exhibiting leadership skills.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Physical Education

  • The qualification allows for a wide breadth of study, covering applied anatomy and physiology; physical training; movement analysis; health, fitness and well-being, sports psychology and socio-cultural issues.
  • Pupils will develop their practical performance skills in three different physical activities.
  • Pupils will complete a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) in a chosen sports. This will develop their ability to analyse and evaluate personal fitness to improve/optimise performance in physical activity and sport.

Key Stage 4 Core PE

In Year 10, the focus shifts to mastering complex activities by applying prior knowledge, cultivating a personal healthy and active lifestyle, embracing new challenges, fostering independence, transferring knowledge effectively, developing officiating skills, understanding team motivation, exhibiting resilience as a team, and introducing competition organisation.

In Year 11, the focus is on developing a healthy and active lifestyle, selecting suitable activities for well-being, preparing for life beyond school, practicing self-management in terms of physical activity and health, evaluating teamwork skills, becoming self-motivated, and gaining confidence in leading and organising activities.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Support Materials

The exam board for GCSE PE is Edexcel, there are various different sights that can support learning and aid revision:

BBC Bitesize:

Resources packages:


Paper 1 revision:

Paper 2 revision:

Homework is regularly set through Seneca:


Long gone are the days where sport is solely based around ‘Just competing’ GCSE PE will equip you with skills that open the door to many different careers; careers such as:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Nutritionist
  • Teachers
  • Sports psychologists
  • Sports physician
  • Coaches
  • Professional athletes
  • Sports agent
  • Personal trainer
  • Sports manager
  • Sports development officer