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The Barlow RC High School

Headteacher's Welcome

We are a school that embraces Christian values, fosters academic excellence, delivers a broad, balanced, challenging, knowledge-rich curriculum and ensures the highest quality of teaching and learning.


Ms C Wallace - Headteacher


As a Catholic school, The Barlow has a distinct ethos which is centred on the teachings of Jesus. We believe that each person is made in the image and likeness of God and we aim to develop pupils' gifts and talents so that they reach their full potential.

The Barlow promotes excellence for young people in Manchester and the surrounding areas.  We are a diverse and inclusive community and as such, we welcome pupils of all faiths and those without.   Our community is built on outstanding relationships.  Our school motto is ‘Rise up, take courage and do it.’  We believe it is more important than ever in today’s society for our pupils to show courage, embrace challenges head on, pursue their dreams and make a difference in society.  

The Barlow fosters academic excellence, delivering a broad, balanced, challenging, knowledge-rich curriculum and ensures high-quality teaching and learning.  We have an experienced, highly skilled, and committed teaching staff, who have high expectations and aspirations and provide an excellent learning environment for all pupils - regardless of their prior attainment.  Learning at The Barlow goes beyond the classroom, with a plethora of co-curricular activities designed to create opportunities and widen pupils’ horizons.    

The Barlow is a school where pupils feel safe, happy and valued.  We pride ourselves on our relentless drive to ensure that all pupils flourish; and grow into well-rounded, respectful, confident, successful, young people.  This is built on high-quality pastoral care and guidance, as well as the close partnership we form with parents and carers, to ensure the best possible education for all our pupils. We instil in our pupils the importance of fairness, in which, individual dignity is upheld and respected.  We nurture pupils to be proud of promoting our core values of serve, pray, achieve and respect.

We welcome visitors to our school.  Please contact Jane Cowell, Administration Manager, if you would like a personalised tour.  We look forward to welcoming you to the vibrant, ambitious, and purposeful community that is The Barlow.