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The Barlow RC High School

Collective Worship, Prayer and Liturgy

Prayer is the “raising of one’s heart and mind to God” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 2259) and enables Catholics to deepen their relationship with God as he helps to protect and guide us on our faith journey. 

Prayer is part of our day-to-day routine at The Barlow.  Every day begins with an act of collective worship, either in Family Time, in a Chapel assembly with our Family Group or in a year group assembly.

Every classroom has a sacred space that has been created by the Family Tutor and members of the Family Group.  This is to remind pupils of our Catholic faith and to support pupils in praying.  Below are some examples of sacred spaces in our school.


Collective worship is rich and varied and includes Family Time Prayer and Reflection, The Rosary, The Stations of the Cross, Celebration of the Eucharist, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and The Sacrament of Reconciliation during the Season of Advent and Lent.  Prayer is carefully planned and follows the liturgical calendar of the church, as well as supporting pupils’ wider personal development.

We believe it is important to come together to celebrate significant milestones in our pupils’ journey at The Barlow.  We invite parents to join us in welcoming our new Year 7 pupils during a special ‘Thanksgiving Mass’ in their first half-term as members of our community.  We then remember the memories and friendships made by coming together to say farewell to our Year 11 pupils in their final half-term at The Barlow.  This is a wonderful opportunity for staff, pupils and parents to come together to celebrate the journey that our Year 11 pupils have had, and to remind them that they will always remain part of The Barlow community.

Our Chaplaincy Team take a leading role in the planning and delivery of collective worship.  They are easily identifiable by their silver-grey tie with a cross on.