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The Barlow RC High School


Services to The Barlow - Sep 23

Services to The Barlow - Sep 24

Transport Operator Contacts

Bus Services to and from The Barlow

An introduction to local bus services and concessionary fares for students in Greater Manchester

Passengers can pay a fare to the driver for each journey shown on this timetable. However, pupils will need to show an IGO pass to travel at the concessionary (reduced) fare. If pupils do not have an IGO pass, they will have to pay a higher fare.

Most of the journeys shown in this timetable are funded by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). The majority of TfGM funded services charge a standard fare, although some journeys do have additional fare bands. Daily return tickets are available on many services.  In some cases, the return ticket can also be used for travel on other journeys which serve similar areas – even if it is provided by a different operator.

A summary of fares and ticketing information on all school services can be found at the link below:

Travelling to school planner

Travelling to school

There are also a small number of TfGM funded services where the operator sets the fares. You will need to check with the operator what fares are available.

Bee Network 


Secondary School Travel Pass:

To apply for a secondary school travel pass with Greater Manchester click here.

School Buses:

* Students are able to use their IGO pass on all Bus Services.

The school bus service routes for 2023/2024:

The IGO Pass:

All pupils between the ages of 11 and 16 need an IGO pass if they wish to travel at the concessionary (reduced fare) rate on buses.

The IGO pass is like an ID card and proves that the pupil is aged 16 or under. It must be carried on all journeys and shown to the driver before paying the fare.

The IGO pass costs £10 and can only be bought by pupils who live, or go to school in Greater Manchester.

More information on IGO and an application form to get an IGO pass is on the TfGM website at:https://tfgm.com/tickets-and-passes/discounted-and-free-travel/young-people/igo

(Please note: Pupils who are entitled to a free Travel Pass for journeys between home and school and pupils aged between 16 and 19 who have a Scholars Concessionary Pass, do not need an IGO Pass for these journeys)