School Mission

“As a Catholic school, our mission is to show love through our respect for others.  We value our God-given gifts, talents and abilities. Our aim is to bring out the best in everyone, within a safe and happy environment.  Everyone should know that we are followers of God by what we do, not just by what we say.”

Careers Vision

“Through our careers programme pupils will develop valuable life skills to fully prepare them for their future. They will be ambitious and strive for excellence in everything they do.”

Inspirational Quote

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confuncius

Curriculum Intent

Careers education at The Barlow aims to give pupils the knowledge and skills they need to be fully prepared for the world of work. Pupils should:

  • Gain knowledge on the range of education or training options, including apprenticeships and technical education routes.
  • Gain knowledge of Local Labour Market information and use this to help guide them when making decisions at key transition points.
  • Develop key employability skills which will prepare them for the world of work
  • Be able to recognise their own interests, strengths and areas for development and use self-reflection when choosing pathways.

Curriculum Implementation

The Gatsby Benchmarks

In 2013 Sir John Holman was commissioned to research what pragmatic actions could improve career guidance in England. The Good Career Guidance Benchmarks which emerged from the report are now adopted as part of government’s careers strategy for schools and colleges.


Gatsby Benchmark




What we do at The Barlow


A stable careers programme

Our careers programme is embedded throughout the school and is delivered through family time and the personal development curriculum as well as linked to subjects.  This is further enriched through numerous trips and careers events both in and out of school.


Learning from career and labour market information

Our pupils learn about local labour markets as part of our careers provision in family time. This regularly reviewed and updated. Our careers advisor ensures up to date LMI is available during the careers 1:1 interviews.  Stakeholders are signposted through or website and via social media to resources containing LMI information.


Addressing the needs of each student

Pupils are offered careers guidance at key transition stages through their time at The Barlow.  A personal action plan is completed and used when pupils are considering pathway options. During our careers provision in family time pupils discuss equality and diversity in the workplace to challenge stereotypes.


Linking curriculum learning to careers

Each faculty has identified opportunities within their schemes of work to highlight careers within their subject area.  We have an annual careers faculty calendar to allow each faculty to have a careers week which focuses specifically on careers activities within their subject for all year groups.  All faculties have a careers ambassador which is a member of staff to champion careers within their subject area.


Encounters with employers and employees

Through our careers calendar we provide opportunities for pupils to meet employers from different industry sectors every year


Experiences of workplaces

Through our careers calendar we offer a range of trips and events which allow pupils to gain experience of a workplace and explore career opportunities


Encounters with further and higher education

We provide pupils with information on a range of post 16 and post 18 pathways both academic and vocational to enable pupils to feel confident when making choices


Personal Guidance

We employ an impartial level 7 careers advisor who provides 1:1 personal guidance for all pupils at key transition stages.

Jenny Bowyer, Careers Lead at The Barlow:


Tel:     0161 445 8053

At the Barlow RC High independent careers advice is provided by:

Jacquie Dawson, Careers Advisor is available on the following days:

Careers Interviews:

  • Years 8-9 – All SEND, LAC and Pupil Premium students are seen at each review stage;
  • Year 8 Pupil Premium students are seen when they are choosing their Options;
  • Year 10 – All SEND, LAC students are seen at each review stage, Pupil Premium students in the Summer term;
  • Year 11 – Are seen at least once throughout the school year.

How do I arrange a careers interview?

  • Our Careers Advisor holds a drop in session each day she is in attendance at lunchtime;
  • Students, parents and carers can email our Careers Advisor on the above email to arrange a careers interview;
  • Students can also pop a note underneath the Careers Advisors door when she is not available.

We are committed to ensuring our pupils get a range of employer and training provider encounters. Parents, employers or training providers that would like to participate in any of our schools careers events please contact the Careers Lead at The Barlow, contact details are above.

Other Contacts for Careers:

  • Manchester Targeted Youth Support Service, North Factory Youth Zone 931 Rochdale Road Harpurhey, Manchester M9 8AE, Text/Call: 07487 671241
  • Targeted Youth Support Services Central, The Powerhouse 140 Raby Street, Manchester M14 4SL, Text/Call: 07946 001761
  • Targeted Youth Support Services South, Wythenshawe Forum Library, Leningrad Square, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5RX, Text/Call: 07940 764459
  • Every Thursday Drop in Service at the above addresses:-  Between 1pm-4pm

Curriculum Impact

We are very proud to hold the Quality in Careers Standard Stage 3 award which demonstrates our commitment to providing excellent careers education, information, advice and guidance.  This is a nationally recognised qualification, which we have held since 2017.