At The Barlow RC High School, we are aiming to create a five year curriculum plan that builds to increasingly more complex content in upper school and successful outcomes for our students.  Retrieval practice is essential in ensuring the long term retention and understanding of knowledge.  When done in regular small chunks, this is one of the best ways students can learn relevant knowledge over time.

Each Faculty has devised Knowledge Organisers detailing the core concepts of topics including exact facts, dates, events, characters, concepts and precise definitions.  This information is at the core of the curriculum and the basis for deeper understanding.  Securing this knowledge base will allow students to develop and embed their skills of understanding, analysis and evaluation in lessons more effectively. 

One method of utilising the Knowledge Organisers is to cover up part of their knowledge organiser, write it out from memory (in a black or blue pen), then self-check and correct any spelling mistakes, missing bits or mistakes (in a another coloured pen). This way, they will learn the most valuable knowledge in every subject by heart to enable a deeper understanding to be focused on in class.