The school has approximately 60 Teachers and a strong support team of Teaching Assistants and School Case Workers. All our staff are dedicated to the children, school and the community.

Each school year is divided into smaller Family Groups, each with its own Family Tutor. At the start of each day, the pupils meet up with their ‘Families’. The Head of Year also helps teachers engage and support pupils.

All our teachers take responsibility in contributing to the personal development of pupils, and together with Family Time, the school and its staff offer a structured programme of education and effective pastoral care.


  • Mrs C Wallace

Deputy Headteachers

  • Mrs P Scott

Senior Assistant Headteacher

  • Mr L Pickerill

Assistant Headteachers

  • Mrs K Lamb 
  • Mrs N Staniforth
  • Miss S Teare


  • Mrs R Proctor (Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs A McCreesh (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs C Lutman 
  • Mrs L Verity (Chaplaincy Co-ordinator)
  • Mrs D Wilcox (PHSE Co-ordinator)
  • Mrs C Sutton


  • Mrs S Turner (Faculty Leader)
  • Miss D Keenan (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mr O Holmes (Assistant PP Lead)
  • Mr L Davies (Assistant SENDCo)
  • Miss L Frank (Literacy Co-ordinator)
  • Mr D Green
  • Mrs L Hallworth
  • Ms L Hayes
  • Mr S Richards
  • Ms R Seddon (SENDCo)


  • Mr D Crehan (Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs S Brennan (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs K Lamb (Assistant Head Teacher)
  • Mr R Anderson-Fitter (HoY 7)
  • Ms S Oliver
  • Miss D Issac (Maths Mastery Co-ordinator)
  • Mr R Power
  • Mrs J Johnson 
  • Miss K McGhee (Numeracy Development Lead)
  • Miss R Papadopoulos 


  • Mr A Sirett (Faculty Leader)
  • Ms A Keegan (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs H Rablen (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Miss G Blake
  • Mr J Tapster 
  • Mrs S Hardy
  • Miss S Anser
  • Mrs A Hainsworth
  • Mr B Jenkins


  • Miss V Catcheside (Faculty Leader)
  • Miss T Taylor (Music, Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs H Pilkington (Drama)
  • Ms L Seggie (HoY 9)

 Design Technology

  • Mr P Frame (Faculty Leader)
  • Mr J Tilbury (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Miss L Denton (HoY 10)


  • Mrs N Ahmed (Faculty Leader)
  • Mr C Enright (IT & Business)

 Modern Foreign Languages

  • Mr A Casey (Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs R Phillips 
  • Mrs N Staniforth (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs C Ruane
  • Mr C Toal


  • Mrs E Holland (Faculty Leader)
  • Miss L Quartey-Papafio (Faculty Leader, Transition Co-ordinator)
  • Mr A Greenlees (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs C Sutton 
  • Mrs J Bowyer (Year 10 & 11 Co-ordinator)
  • Miss D Issac
  • Mr S Roberts

 Faculty of Humanities

  • Mr A Hardy (Faculty Leader)
  • Mr A Wall (Deputy Faculty Leader)
  • Mrs C Iddon (Year 7-9 Co-ordinator)
  • Mr N Carr
  • Miss E Woodward
  • Mrs H Bremner

Teaching Assistants

  • Ms N Fisher (Lead)
  • Mr J Richardson (Lead)
  • Miss L Onslow (Lead, Maths)
  • Mr A Alexandrou
  • Mrs L Smith (Catch-up)
  • Mrs L Devine
  • Miss R Fawcett
  • Mrs A Leach
  • Mrs A Platt
  • Mrs F Prescott
  • Ms D Quartey-Papafio
  • Mrs S Walker
  • Miss S Spencer


  • Ms R Seddon 
  • Mrs R Bari (SEND Admin Assistant)
  • Mr L Davies  (Teacher of English & Assistant SENDCo)

Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Nadeen Staniforth

Chaplaincy Coordinator

  • Mrs C Lutman 

Support Staff Management Team

  • Lesley Usher (School Business Manager) 
  • Ms C Simington (Director of HR)
  • Mrs N Cooke (Admin & Marketing Manager)
  • Mrs C Stott (Finance Manager)
  • Miss A Gribbin (Data & Cover Manager)
  • Mr W Berisford (Facilities Manager)

Support Staff

  • Mrs N Johnston (Senior Admin Officer)
  • Mrs N Clayton (Receptionist)
  • Mrs K Gulam (Receptionist)
  • Mrs W Brown (Attendance Officer)
  • Mrs A Howe (Headteacher’s PA)   
  • Ms M Janik-Braktia (Finance Assistant)                
  • Mr M Nash (Site Manager)
  • Mr G Hodges (Technician)
  • Mr R Woolhouse (Technician)
  • Mr P Reid (Technician)
  • Mrs H Koltan (Reprographic Technician)
  • Miss A Bianchi (Exams Officer)
  • Miss C Roberts (Pastoral Support Assistant)
  • Mrs R Bari (SEND Admin Assistant)
  • Miss C Beddows (Isolation Supervisor)
  • Mr P Moulton (Onsite Engineer)