At The Barlow RC High School we believe in rewarding effort, recognising achievement and encouraging pupils to aspire to be the very best that they can be. Pupils are rewarded in school via SPAR points, which are issued by teachers for the following positive behaviours demonstrated in school:

  • Making good progress in their school work, alongside high levels of participation and enthusiasm in lessons
  • Showing resilience in their attitude to learning through consistent hard work, perseverance and positive engagement in lessons
  • Having consistently excellent uniform standards
  • Upholding our Catholic ethos through acts of kindness towards others

All Family Tutors nominate their very own ‘Barlow Star’ on a weekly basis to the pupil in their family group that they feel has shone for a particular reason that week. This pupil receives a ‘Treat Friday’ card, which can be exchanged for a treat of their choice awarded by their Family Tutor. In addition to this, the family group in receipt of the most SPAR points from the previous week has the opportunity to spend one family time session completing a reward activity of their choice.

The Top 5 pupils in each year group for SPAR points are entered into our half-termly raffle draw where prizes may include: tokens, early lunch passes, ‘Lucky Dips’ , VIP invitations to Afternoon Tea with HOY/Leadership Team.

We are also proud to celebrate our achievements for progress, attendance and behaviour via our termly Rewards assemblies, culminating in our special annual Celebration Evening in Stockport Town Hall.

Behaviour & Detentions

The Barlow Behaviour for Learning:


The Barlow Sanctions:

  • N1 WARNING – You have disrupted your own learning and that of the class. STOP NOW.
  • N2 FINAL WARNING – You have continued to disrupt your own learning and that of the class. STOP NOW BEFORE YOU  GET AN N3 DETENTION.
  • N3 DETENTION – You have ignored the warnings given and continued to disrupt the lesson OR your behaviour was so disruptive that warnings were inappropriate, this could be in the classroom or outside.
  • N4 ISOLATION – You have not understood the seriousness of your behaviour and the warning given OR your behaviour is so disruptive you need to be isolated. You have received 2 N3’s in one day.

N3 Detentions:

If your child has a detention, the first contact listed in our information system will receive a text message notifying them of the detention the day before it takes place. The first contact is the person you listed as first contact in the data pack you completed on admission.

If you need additional information about a set detention you can contact school and the teacher that set the detention will call you back within the 48 hrs. 

Contact the Deputy Headteachers when you receive your notification or before 12.00pm on the detention day if:

  • If your child receives a detention and due to unforeseen circumstances you need to change that detention.
  • If you have a concern about the detention being issued that needs to be addressed before the detention takes place.

Late Detentions:

If your child is late they will receive a 30 minute detention. You will receive a text message notification on the same day.