Message from Acting Transition Coordinator – Mr J Tapster

Hello and welcome to The Barlow RC High School… We are delighted that you have chosen to become a member of our school and look forward to meeting you very soon; we are excited for you to become part of our Barlow family and get involved in all aspects of school life.

We are experiencing very different times in education with Covid-19 closing down schools. As of yet, we don’t know when schools will reopen. I hope that this will be during this summer term and we will run our planned transition events in July. If we do not return to school until September, I can assure you that we will run transition events then, to help you settle into school life.

I am currently busy preparing transition events to help you get to know and find out exactly how life here at The Barlow High School really is.

Whether you are from one of our associated primary school’s or are a brave individual coming from a different school, I can assure you that you will get our full support; making you feel safe, happy and above all inspire you to meet your full potential.

We look forward to meeting you and hope that your time with us will be stimulating, challenging, exciting and, above all, ENJOYABLE!

Transition Day & Parents' Evening 2020  Thursday 9th July

Our Associated Primary Schools Are: