In the current economic climate it is important that you give yourself the best possible chance to find information about all the education and training you can access when you leave school. At The Barlow we ensure that all our students and their parents are provided with useful information and guidance to help with those important career choices.

Over the course of this year you will be making some big decisions about your future.  “Our Futures” provides a careers service to the school.  During the year you will take part in a one to one career guidance interview in school with our careers advisor Jacquie Dawson. To help you to prepare for your interview the following websites are useful:

  • The Greater Manchester Apprenticeship & Careers Service (GMACS) helps young people explore and design their next steps before leaving school.

    The site brings together different stages of the career planning process, helping students navigate the choices open to them and develop the tools to start working life. It showcases what Greater Manchester can offer and provides a direct way to apply for courses, jobs and apprenticeships:

  • and