Returning to School – Reopening Times/New School Day and Regulations…

From September the government has said that all pupils must return to full time education. We will be implementing a phased return for pupils in order to fully embed our social distancing measures and ensuring all pupils understand the new systems in school.

Staggered return to school dates/time – using designated gates:

Mon 7th Sept 7 8.20am Main School Entrance, Parrs Wood Road
Mon 7th Sept 11 11.05am Steps Gate Near I.E., Parrs Wood Road
Tues 8th Sept 10 8.20am Gate on School Lane – door at end of DT Corridor near Mrs Scott’s office
Weds 9th Sept 9 8.20am Main School Entrance, Parrs Wood Road – door in to back of Gym
Thurs 10th Sept 8 8.20am Gate near back of kitchens, School Lane – door into block near Mr Green’s classroom

Travel to school:

Government advice is that, where possible, the use of public transport should be avoided.

We would urge students to walk or to use their bike to get to and from school.  Additional bike storage areas have been set up in school (see appendix 1 – Travel to School Protocol and Gov. document ‘Safer travel guidance’.

To assist us in knowing numbers of students who are likely to come on the bus, we would ask you to complete the Google Form which was sent out via email this week, please return it to school by Monday, 3rd August 2020.

Face Coverings:

A letter is being sent to parents and carers this week with more information.

Handwashing / Sanitising:

To reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, all staff and students will be expected to sanitise hands on entry and regularly throughout the school day (see appendix 3 – Handwashing Protocol).

Parent/Carer drop-off / Collect of Child Protocol:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents will NOT be allowed onto the school site unless given specific permission to do so by the Headteacher.    

Parents will therefore be unable to drive into the car park when dropping off or collecting your child at school and are asked to instead, drop them outside of your child’s designated school entrance/exit gate.  We would also ask that there is no waiting on the pavement outside these gates as students are exiting (see appendix 4 – Parent/Carer drop-off/collection protocol).

Equipment for School:

The sharing of equipment between children will not be permitted.  It is essential therefore, that all students bring their own equipment in a pencil case.  Students must have a pen, pencil, rubber, ruler and sharpener.

Students are allowed to bring a bag to school – but the contents must be limited to:

  • Pencil case with equipment
  • Journal
  • Reading Book
  • Snack/packed lunch / drink
  • PE Kit
  • Calculator

No other items should be brought into school (see appendix 5 – Uniform & Expectations).

Lunch and Break Provision:

Students are encouraged to bring a snack or packed lunch for school, but where this is not possible, snacks and lunches will be available for purchase at break and lunchtime.

Parents are asked to please use Parent Pay to pay for their child’s food during this time.

To avoid congestion, lunchtimes will be staggered and each year group bubble assigned an ‘eating area’ within the school.  The menu will be limited to a hot ‘potted’ meal or cold baguette with drink.  Vegetarian options will be available.  Students will be expected to social distance when queuing.

At the ‘Breakfast Club’ and break times, snacks will be available for purchase from a food trolley, which will be brought to your child’s bubble zone

End of School Day:

To avoid congestion on pavements outside school at the end of the day, children will have a slightly staggered end times and will only exit at their designated entrance/exit gate.

Parents are asked not to congregate at the exit gates if collecting child from school.

Exit Times:

Year 7 2.45pm
Year 8 2.50pm
Year 9 2.55pm
Year 10 2.45pm
Year 11 2.50pm