Tyreeeezy Charity Concert at The Barlow RC

Tyreeeezy Concert at The Barlow RC

On December 14th former Barlow RC High School student, Tyrell Morrison came to The Barlow RC to perform an exclusive concert for students. Tyrell a former student of The Barlow is now 25 years old and has just been signed up by the Universal record label. He performed with Ayo Britain, Ayo also a young performer from Manchester, perform a song together called ‘Bonnie & Clyde’.   

Nicola Maloney, who is a Student Support worker at the Barlow RC High School contacted Tyrell to ask if he would perform to raise funds for the Barlow RC Bereavement Garden. Nicola also wanted to give students the opportunity to attend a concert with a local up and coming artist, Tyrell has over 9,000 followers on Instagram and his music is currently being played on the Manchester club scene and Unity radio.

He agreed to perform at The Barlow RC for charity, ticket proceeds were to help raise money for the school’s Rainbow Bereavement Garden, which was put in place in conjunction with ‘Rainbow’s Bereavement Charity. The Rainbow garden is a place of peaceful reflection for students and staff to reflect and pray for friends and family that they have loved dearly but are no longer with us. 

Tyrell, whose stage name is Tyreeeezy has a rapidly expanding fan base so lots of tickets were sold and the performance was a huge success, students danced and sang along to his hit tracks ‘Vacation’ and ‘Oh Nah’. Tyrell kindly stayed for photo
opportunities after the performance. 

The Barlow RC would like to thank Tyrell and Ayo Britain for their kindness and support to the school. We wish them both happiness and success in the future. 

To listen to Tyrell’s music and for more information follow on Instagram and You Tube:

Tyeeeezy’s debut single ‘No Doubt’ is now playing on BBC Music – https://www.instagram.com/tyreeeezy/?hl=en

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