Barlow Stars – Week Beginning 29th March

7BErinMcDaidExcellent effort all week
7ACaitlinFlintExcellent start to school. Really helpful in form and organised. 
7RKhiousAnglin-TottohShowed his resilience by reading during liturgy despite being dead against it at the start of the week! 
7LJoeMcHughlots of positive behaviour points
7OSummerMetzger SmillieAlways tries her very best and works hard at everything she does.  Well done summer!!
7WElliotMcCauleyFor having 0 behaviour points so far this year and always being an absolute delight in form each and every day.
7STyannahNdeboConsistent good effort and behaviour around school. Always well organised and asks for support when she needs it. A role model for all.
8BIsaacCallenderExcellent form time contributions
8AHelarlyGebrekirosFor excellent commitment and enthusiasm in everything she does.  
8RDuoyunChen580 merit points- excellent attitude to learning
8LEduardRosafioFor always making thoughtful and positive contributions to Family Time discussions
8OBrielleObinimSoldiering on all week with a leg injury!
8WRylandMcNeillExcellent work and behaviour in school
9BSidraSobinPositive points
9AJoelSaldanhaLoads of positives!
9RDemi LeighScholesBeing very helpful in form.
9LDanaeDohertybrilliant maths score!!
9OSamDaviesFor being a good role model. 
9WAnthonyKellyFor making a positive contribution to tutor time discussions and for volunteering to read during the group’s Easter liturgy. Great leadership!
10BJoshuaPidoweAlways does everything that is expected of him. Well done. 
10AGabrielGawerskiExcellent contribution to Family Time.
10RKaitlenWoodhouseBeing so positive after a challenging few weeks
10LAliciaSmithHardworking and motivated 
10OBrendanLynch GranelliFor working well to catch up GCSE work in family time
10WMacyMcDermottA very much improved week… well done. 
11E2JulesBetendAn excellent start back to school.
11E3CalvinKayizziAchievement in English
11E4ElijahMullenConsistently smart, punctual and ready to learn.
11E5JuliaBartusiakGreat focus and effort this week in form revising for English!
11M1HemmaAliExcellent attitude to learning.
11M2StanleyKaneExcellent Participation in the form liturgy
11M3PoppyMcMahonExcellent attendance and focus in school
11M4NiamhHemmingwayConsistently positive attitude and working hard in class.
11S2AmeliaSmigasiewiczPositive attitude to learning .
11S3MeganJonesWorking really hard and staying positive even with everything that’s going on with assessments!
Hive 2DuoyunChenAmazing, helping another pupil whilst they were very anxious